mambo⁺ bulb

The smart mambo⁺ bulb lights up when abuse has been detected within your domains.

What can I do with it?

In addition to the automated reports and alerts that mambo⁺ provides, the smart mambo⁺ bulb calls your attention to changes of abuse cases within your domains.

  1. mambo⁺ detects a change in abuse cases, e.g. a new abuse case has occured or an old abuse case has been removed.
  2. The information on the change is transmitted to the connected mobile device.
  3. The mambo⁺ App notifies on the change.
  4. The mambo⁺ App transmits the change to the connected mambo⁺ bulbs.
  5. If a connected mambo⁺ bulb is within range, the bulb lights up. Different colors indicate whether a new abuse case has occurred (blinks red) or a case has been removed (blinks green).

What do I need?

  • mambo⁺ account — Get in touch with us:
  • A mobile phone or tablet with bluetooth.
  • A mambo⁺ bulb.
  • mambo⁺ App — Download it by using the following QR codes or by searching for "mambo knipp" in the App Store.
  • Abuse Alert — Configure an Abuse Alert in the Configurations.

Download on the App Store

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Get it on Google Play

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mambo app mambo app

How to?

  1. Get your mambo⁺ account credentials and configure an Abuse Alert within the Control Panel.
  2. Install the app on your mobile device Either search for "mambo knipp" in your App Store or scan the related QR code to .
  3. Turn on the bluetooth connection of your mobile device.
  4. Insert the bulb in a matching socket (E27/B22). Afterwards turn on the power supply.
  5. Open the app on your mobile device and enter your mambo+ account credentials.
  6. Go to the bulb settings within the app to search for available bluetooth bulbs. By selecting a displayed bluetooth bulb you can connect it with your mobile device.
  7. Within the bulb settings you may change the current color or disconnect the bulb.

Want to see more?

Contact us at, give us a call at +49-231-9703-0
and get more information
or take a look at the mambo⁺ Service Specification.